Do facial with mint leaves in 4 easy steps


Both the aroma and flavor of mint are best but few people know that its leaves are also very good for the skin.

for skin

Mint leaves not only provide coolness and freshness to the skin but can also help in healing dull skin.


You can easily do facial at home with mint leaves, it can prove to be best for summer.

do this work first

First of all, wash the mint leaves thoroughly and prepare a paste by grinding them.

step 1

Cleansing – First of all, mix honey in the juice of mint leaves. Apply it on the entire face with the help of cotton.

Step 2

Scrubbing - Add sugar, olive oil and mint juice to rice flour and mix well. Now massage with light hands.

Step 3

Steaming – After scrubbing, take face steam. For this, take hot water in a bowl and add lemon slices and mint leaves in it.

Step 4

Face Mask – Apply a face mask made of gram flour, turmeric and mint juice. Clean it with water after some time.


Do a patch test before applying on the face and if you are allergic to any of these things or have sensitive skin, then definitely consult an expert.

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