Homemade Hair Mask for Silky-Smooth Hair

damaged hair

In summer, not only the skin but also the hair become very dry, lifeless and damaged. These also need special care.

home methods

In such a situation, you can adopt home methods instead of external products. You will get better results and there will be less damage to hair.


You can apply curd to nourish and maintain your hair. This benefits the hair from root to tip.

hair mask

You can make a hair mask from curd for which you will also need rice water, aloe vera gel and honey.

make like this

According to the length of hair, take curd in a bowl and mix the remaining three things well in it. Banana can also be added to it.

put in hair

Now apply it on hair and leave it for some time. Later wash hair with mild shampoo.


After drying, your hair will look silky and smooth and the growth is also good.


This news is based on general information. If you are taking any hair treatment or are allergic to anything, then definitely take advice from an expert.

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