Easy tips to hide dark circles with makeup

problem of dark circles

Having dark circles has become common these days. These often happen due to lack of sleep or using laptop throughout the day. To get rid of this, people adopt many methods.

bad face

Girls are most troubled by dark circles and this makes their face look bad. Hiding them before they are revealed is a big task.

hide with makeup

If you are troubled by dark circles for a long time, you can easily hide them with makeup. This will give you a perfect look. Let us tell you some tips.


Concealer works to hide blemishes and spots in makeup products. To hide dark circles, apply concealer on your finger..

method of application

Apply concealer under the eyes in dot-dots with the help of fingers. Then spread it and merge it with a sponge. Buy concealer according to your skin tone.


If there is no concealer then they can be hidden with foundation also. Apply foundation on the entire face but apply a little more under the eyes to blend.

compact powder

Apply compact powder under the eyes with the help of a brush. This will hide the dark circles completely. Your makeup look will also be ready.

eye makeup

Light your eye makeup. Apply eye shadow in light color, apply mascara on the upper eyelashes and set the eyebrows.

don't wear mascara

While doing eye makeup, girls also apply mascara on the lower eyelashes. Don't apply it. This may cause dark circles to appear.

Do not wear smokey eye makeup

The trend of smokey eye makeup is going on but people with dark circles should avoid doing it. Due to this, dark circles will appear.

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