Use green tea for beautiful hair like this

hair problems

Hairfall, dandruff, damaged hair and hair thinning are all common and major hair problems that almost every person faces.

How to avoid

People do everything to get relief from all this and to have beautiful, black, long and thick hair, but many times they feel disappointed.

green tea

In such situations, many times home remedies come in handy and also show results. You may be surprised to know that green tea is very good for health as well as hair.


Rich in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, green tea nourishes the hair and strengthens it. Can also provide relief from dry and lifeless hair.

use it like this

First of all, make green tea by boiling water and let it cool. Now store it in a spray bottle and apply it on hair, later wash it with water.

second way

Apart from this, you can also apply aloe vera by mixing it in green tea. This will provide double benefits to the hair. First of all make green tea.

Aloe vera gel

When it cools down, add aloe vera gel to it. You can apply it to your hair by hand or you can also spray it with the help of a spray bottle.

These will be the benefits

With the help of green tea, you will get relief from itching, hairfall and dandruff. At the same time, aloe vera gel hydrates the hair and will also protect it from damage.


If you are already taking any treatment or are allergic to anything, then take expert advice before using it.

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