Home remedies to remove dark forehead

blackness of forehead

In the summer season, there is a lot of sun tanning due to the strong rays of the sun. Its direct effect falls on the forehead. Blackness becomes distinctly visible on the forehead.

bad look

Due to blackness of forehead the whole face looks bad. It appears separately and does not go away quickly.

What to do

If you are also troubled by blackness of forehead, then you can adopt some home remedies. Let us tell you what these remedies are.

face clean

Apply any home remedy clean the face thoroughly before Do it. Wash face with mild face wash Take it.

Raw milk-rose water

Mix rose water in raw milk and rub it on the forehead. Apply it before sleeping at night and then wash it in the morning.


Cut the cucumber into slices and rub it on the forehead. This will also remove the blackness. Rub the cucumber for 10 minutes every day.


Potato juice contains starch, which helps in cleaning the match. To remove tanning on the forehead, rub potato slices.


Make a paste by mixing turmeric in raw milk. Rub this paste on the forehead like a rub. This will remove the blackness from the forehead

coconut oil

Coconut oil helps in improving the complexion. Massage with coconut oil for 5 minutes daily. This will remove the tanning.

patch test

If your skin is sensitive or you have any kind of allergy. So before applying these things, do a patch test.

Make Korean face mask with just these 2 things