Make Korean face mask with just these 2 things

Korean Beauty

Korean beauty tips and products have been trending in the skin care world for quite some time now. Everyone wants to know about them.

glass skin

People are adopting various methods to get Korean glass skin. Many home made face pack recipes also remain viral on social media.


Here we are telling you one of the easiest and effective recipes for Korean glass skin.

face pack

For this Korean face pack, you will need only two things which can be found at home, rice and flax seeds.

two things

First of all, grind rice and flax seeds and make powder. You can also store it.

apply on face

To apply on the face, take two spoons of powder and make a thick paste by adding hot water. Once it cools down, apply it thoroughly on the face.


Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then clean the face with cold water. You will start seeing the difference within a few days.


Do a patch test before applying on the face and if you are allergic to any of these things or have sensitive skin, then definitely consult an expert.

This home remedy will remove tanning and dark circles