How many times a day should you apply sunscreen

sun tanning

Due to the scorching sun in summer, the skin gets tanned and starts turning black. This is a common and major skin problem.


Sunscreen is used to avoid sun damage. It helps in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun to a great extent.

When to apply

Sunscreen should be applied not only in summer but in every season. But do you know how many times a day you should apply sunscreen


Some people believe that applying sunscreen just once a day is enough for the whole day, but in reality it is not so.


If you sweat a lot or work in water for a long time, its effect wears off within 2-3 hours.

till evening

In such a situation, applying sunscreen just once will not be beneficial. Sunscreen should be repeated every 3-4 hours until evening.


While buying sunscreen there is also a need to choose the right SPF. SPF 30 to SPF-50 can be applied during day time.

what is this

SPF means Sun Protection Factor. This shows how much your sunscreen will be able to protect against sunburn. SPF30 can protect up to 96% while SPF 50 or more can protect up to 98%.


This news is based on general information. For better results, first consult a skin expert.

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