How to do manicure pedicure at home


Manicure is the cleaning of hands, in which everything from nails to hands is cleaned. How to do manicure at home

nail care

First of all, remove the nail paint from the nails. Then cut the nails and give them a perfect shape with a filer.

Hot Water

Fill a small tub with lukewarm water and keep it. Add shampoo in this water and stir. Now keep your hands immersed in it for 10 minutes

cleaning hands

After 10 minutes of dipping the hands, rub them thoroughly and clean them. The nails will also become clean.

apply cream

There is a cuticle cream for nails, apply it. Then apply nail polish of the color of your choice. You will get your manicure done in just minutes.


Cleaning of feet is called pedicure. In this, along with cleaning the feet, nails are also taken care of.

care of nails

First of all, cut or trim the nails. Then remove the nail paint.

get a bigger tub

To do pedicure, take a big tub and fill it with lukewarm water. Add lemon juice and any shampoo in coin size amount in this lukewarm water.

clean feet

Now soak your feet in this water for about half an hour. This will remove all the dirt from the feet. Then clean the ankles and feet by rubbing them with the help of a brush.


Dead skin will be removed and your feet will look beautiful. Then apply moisturizer

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