How to take care of oily skin in summer

oily skin

In the summer season, the skin starts becoming more oily, due to which the problem of pimples and acne increases on the face.

summer skin care

People with oily skin should change their skin care routine in summer.

How to take care

Let us tell you how people with oily skin should take care of their skin during the summer season.

Light Moisturizer

Use light moisturizer in summer. This moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated, which will keep sebum production under control. 


People with oily skin should use oil free sunscreen.

skin exfoliate

Oily skin is very sensitive, so you should not exfoliate the skin more than once a week.

blotting paper

Before leaving home, keep blotting paper in your bag. When you feel that too much oil has accumulated in the skin, remove the extra oil from the face with blotting paper.

face mask

For oily skin, using face packs like sandalwood, multani mitti will be beneficial.


Use toner to prevent oily skin. It shrinks the open pores, which reduces the release of extra oil.

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