Instant glow face pack, tanning will also go away

skin glow

Who does not want spotless and glowing skin and for this many methods are adopted. Many times expensive beauty products do not give better results, in such a situation home remedies can be adopted.

instant glow

Women get worried if they suddenly have to go out somewhere. In such a situation, we are sharing an easy and effective recipe here.

face pack

For instant glow, you will have to make a face pack for which only two things are required – curd and orange peel powder.

make like this

Take orange peel powder in a bowl and add curd to it and mix well, your face pack is ready.

apply on face

Now before applying this, clean your face with water. Apply on neck and face and leave it for some time.


When it starts drying, wash the face with cold water. You will see your skin fresher and glowing than before.


This face pack will not only give you glow but will also help in removing tanning.


This news is based on general information. Before using it on the face, do a patch test and can also take advice from an expert.

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