This home remedy will remove tanning and dark circles

skin problems

Tanning and dark circles, both are common and major skin problems which almost every other person is troubled by.

home remedy

To get relief from these, people adopt many methods but do not get better results. In such a situation, you can adopt home remedies.


Here we are telling you an easy and effective solution which can reduce tanning and dark circles to a great extent.

important things

You can make face packs from some things present in the house. For this, orange, potato, gram flour and aloe vera gel will be required.

step 1

Remove the peel from the orange and put its slices in the mixer. Add chopped raw potato with orange and make a fine paste.

Step 2

Now mix gram flour and aloe vera gel in this paste and apply it thoroughly on the face and massage gently. Clean it with water after some time.


This face pack will reduce tanning and dark circles, and will also provide glowing-spotless skin. All the things present in it are good for the skin.


Although the side effects of home remedies are negligible, but if your skin is sensitive then first consult an expert.

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