Make liquid lipstick at home in 10 minutes

lipstick hobby

Every girl likes to apply lipstick and is fond of keeping trendy shades in her makeup box.

Demand for liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick is long lasting, hence girls definitely buy it. But it is also a bit expensive.

make at home

Do you know that you can make your favorite shades of lipstick at home? Yes, instead of buying expensive lipstick, know how to make it.


You need food or lipstick color, Vaseline, sunscreen, compact powder, essential oil.

step 1

Mix Vaseline and sunscreen in a bowl.

Step 2

After mixing both the things well, add compact powder to it.

Step 3

Add lipstick or food color of your choice to this mixture.

Step 4

Now add essential oil like jojoba, coconut or cocoa butter in it.

Step 5

Heat this lipstick mixture slightly and then fill it in an air tight container or empty lipstick box.

Step 6

To set, keep it in a room with normal temperature for some time. Your liquid lipstick is ready, apply it with the help of a brush.

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