What is the difference between lipstick and lip tint


For years we have been wearing lipstick of different colors. Which enhances the beauty of our lips.

Matte and liquid lipstick: 

In lipstick, women apply liquid, matte or normal lipstick in many shades. Lipstick also completes the makeup look.

beauty of lips

Lipstick is long lasting, hence it also looks different. Lipstick enhances the beauty of lips.

trendy shades

Nowadays new and trendy shades of lipstick have arrived. Which gives a natural look to the lips and also suits every outfit.

method of application

The method of applying lipstick is simple. Whatever lipstick you apply, apply it after applying light powder on the lips.

what is lip tint

Now let us know what lip tint is and how it is applied. What happens when you apply lip tint? Is this also like lipstick

light color

Lip tints come in light shades. These are not of dark shades like lipsticks nor are they matte. Lip tints are in liquid form.

natural look

If you do not wear lipstick or do not want to wear it, you can apply lip tint. It gives a natural look to the lips.

long lasting

Lip tint will feel a little sticky after applying it on the lips but it remains long lasting. This can be applied on minimal makeup.

how to apply

Do not apply too much lip tint, otherwise the look will look bad. Can apply with the help of fingers. After applying this, do not rub the lips too much.

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