Why do men lose hair

hair fall

The problem of hair fall is very common. Be it male or female, hair fall starts from an early age.


When men lose hair, they also start becoming bald. It looks dirty and the whole look also looks bad.

why do hair fall

Why do men lose hair and how can it be stopped? Let us tell you today.

chemical hair products

Often men apply many different shampoos or soaps to their hair. Due to this, untimely hair fall starts.


Men's diet also affects hair. Even if you eat oily food from outside, hair fall starts

hair color

Often men get their hair colored at an early age. It looks good for styling but the chemicals present in it cause hair fall.


Men have short hair, hence they often apply conditioner to the roots of their hair. Applying conditioner to the scalp causes hair fall.

hair care

To prevent hair fall, apply onion juice to hair. If you have dandruff in your hair, apply curd pack once a week

what not to do

Do not apply conditioner on the scalp. Do not use products with excessive chemicals like shampoo, hair color.

Glass Skin: Mix these 2 things in rice water