Who should not get hair straightening

hair straightening

The easiest way to style hair is to straighten it.

hair straightener

People who already have some hair related problems should not use hair straighteners too much.

Who should not use it

Let us tell you which people with which problems should not use hair straighteners.

scalp infection

If there is infection in the scalp, avoid straightening the hair with a hair straightener.

dry hair

Those whose hair remains dry and lacks natural moisture should avoid using hair straighteners.

split ends

You should avoid straightening split hair with a straightener. Because hair will become dry due to heat, which will increase the problem of split ends.

hair fall

If you are experiencing excessive hair fall, then do not do hair straightening.


If you have dandruff, keep your hair clean and protect it from heat, this will solve the problem of dandruff.

Alum is a panacea for hair, use it like this